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17 Tips To Increased Your Phone Battery Life Immediately

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There Are Lots of new Technologies in Smartphone, And We are Starting to Expect More Technology and Features in Our Devices. However, The More Function is Increased; the More Battery Life is Lost.

I am also suffering from The Problem of Battery Life.

However, I Research on it and Found The Best Tips To Increase Your Android Phone Battery Life.

In Fact, I Personally Try This Tips To Increase The Phone’s Battery Life. Moreover, finally, Write an Article That can Help You To Increase Battery Life.

TIP #1: Find out what is using your phone’s battery

Before You Can Fix The Battery Life, You Need To Find What Apps or Service Draining Your Battery.

To Find Out What is Draining your Battery is Going To Setting > Battery Menu.  Where You Find The Full Report of Your Battery and Find The Which App is Use The More Battery.

Graph of Battery Usage:

android battery graph

You will see The Graph That Describing, Which Time Battery Charged and How’s the Battery Going Down.

If Anything is Draining in Large Amount in Background, You will Something do (I Discussed This On Later in This Article).

TIP #2: Turn on Adaptive Battery Feature

Adaptive Battery is The Very Used to Feature, And This Feature is Very Simple To Use.

To Enable This Feature, You Just Need To Go Setting > Battery > Adaptive And Turn it On. However, it is only in Android Pie Version.


How its Work:

When you Use the App and Close the app. That app really does not Closed. The system is Designed To Keep Alive The Apps in Background.

The Adaptive Battery Feature has Used Close The Apps and Also From Background When it doesn’t Want To Use.

Make Sure Apps you use The Most are Ready to open in a Fast Way. Moreover, Apps which need to Do Something in Background is not Closed like Google Maps.

Adaptive Battery allows you to keep a check on which of these extras is undoing all their excellent work and help you to solve the problem.

TIP #3: Enable Dark Mode

Yes, I am Serious. Dark Mode is Help To Save Your Battery Life.

Google Also use The Dark Mode For Battery Saving. When You turn on Battery Saving Mode in Google Phone, It Will be Going into Dark Mode.

If Your Phone Has OLED Screen, You Must go On The Dark Mode.


The Dark Mode is Disable individual Pixels, and Keep Background with deep Black For Use Less Power.

Therefore, The Dark Mode Will Be Very Helpful To The Battery Life. Moreover, The Dark Mode Are Available To All Phone System.

TIP #4: Sync Settings

App Such As Twitter, Gmail, and Facebook are Constantly Refresh The Data To offer Latest Information. This is Required to Don’t Miss any Update.

Go To Settings > Google account and Turn off Sync of Apps that you Don’t Want to Refresh Constantly.

Auto-Sync Use Background Process that can Use Your Mobile Data and Battery.

TIP #5: Take Control of Your Location

Most of the Installed Apps Are Constantly use the Location of Your Smartphone.

The Most Powerful Way To Improve Your Battery Life is Turn off You Location Service. Many Apps Are Use The Location GPS And Eat Your Battery Life.

To Disable The Location, Goto Settings > Security & Location > Location And Turn off the Location Services.

To Stop The Location of Specific App, Goto Settings > Apps > Permission and Disallow the Location Permission.

TIP #6: Customize Wallpaper

Yes, Wallpaper takes energy for your Display To Animation.

Good idea to Save Your Battery is to limit The Wallpaper with fewer Colours like Black.

The Display Eat More Energy To render A lot of Different Colours. Therefore, choose fewer Colours To improve Your Battery.

TIP #7: Stop apps running in the background

If you don’t Have Android Pie and don’t use The Adaptive Battery Feature. You use the Manually Delete Apps that are running in the Background.

You Can Check, which Apps Running in Background and Kill them Manually. You have dedicated Button To access which apps run in Background and Kill them.

Don’t close Apps That You are Using.

TIP #8: Use Greenify

Greenify is Third party App. However, It will be Very Helpful To Your Battery Life.

It analysis all apps that use Most of the Battery and Represent You in A Simple interface that you can understand.


Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not actively using them, to stop them from lagging your device or leeching the battery, uniquely!

They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in the foreground.

TIP #9: Don’t Use live wallpapers

Yes, Live Wallpaper Can eat Lots of Energy. Live Wallpaper Use The 25% of Your Battery in one Day.

Therefore, Don’t Use The Live Wallpaper And Use the Black Wallpaper That Can Save Your Battery.

Galaxy Phone comes with the Live Wallpaper.

TIP #10: Use Ad-Free Apps

Ads Are Also Eat Your Battery Life. You see There Are Lots of Apps That Are Use Ads.

However, I Prefer To Use the Ad-free Apps that Can Save Your Battery Life.

Ads constantly update and Draining your Battery.

TIP #11: Root

Rooting Your Phone is Also Help to Save Your Battery Life.

However, Root Your Phone and Do nothing is not save Battery Life.

It would be best if you uninstalled Apps That you are Not Using. However, given by default by Manufactured.

There are Many Way to Root Your Phone. Rooting Your Phone is giving the Best and Easiest Method.

TIP #12: Disable Google Assistant

Google Assistant Use the Most of Battery. The Google Assistant is Running all the Time in Background.

Google assistant used in Background Because, They searching for voice Like “Ok Google,” “Hey Google.”

If You Don’t Use The Google Assistant, you Disable that.

To Disable Google Assistant, You need to Go Settings > Google > Search, Assistant & Voice > Voice > Voice Match and disable ‘Access with Voice Match.’

If You Use The Assistant, Don’t Turn off because that is a nice Feature.

TIP #13: Switch to Lite or Progressive Web Apps

Yes, Lite Apps Are Save The Battery Life.

Lite apps are not Use Much Battery like Normal Apps Are Use.


There are many Lite apps in Google Play Store Like Facebook Lite, Spotify Lite, etc.

Lite apps are small in Memory and save your Battery Life.

TIP #14: Remove On-screen Widgets

Screen Widgets Are Use Lots of Energy. Moreover, Eat your Battery Life.

To increase Your Battery Life, You Must Delete Screen Widgets.

Widgets Are Constantly Update The Data From Your apps. Moreover, This Constantly Checking is Losing Your Battery.

Keep that You Loved, and Others Delete To not draining Your Battery.

TIP #15: Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC when not in use

Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and Hotspot Are Also Using Lots of Energy To Work.

However, When You Don’t Want to Use Them Turn it off.

Your Smartphone has Various Radios. Moreover, these Signal Can Drain Your Battery.

To turn it off, You will find it On Quick Access toggle in the Notification Bar.

TIP #16: Turn on Airplane modes

Yes, To Turn on Airplane Modes is Saved Your Battery.

Airplane mode is Turn of Mobile Signals, Hotspots, Sync, etc.

To Turn off this setting is Saving Your Battery.

However, this Setting Are Very Useful in Daily Life.

However, When You are Watching Movies or Listening podcasts to Turn it off.

TIP #17: Don’t miss on Android updates

Last but not least,

Updating Android Phone is very Lassie Task.

However, it is Actually Help To Improve your Battery Life.

android-update, Battery life

The Android Updates Are Come With Lots of Algorithms That will Help You to Optimize The chips.

Moreover, You Know Android Updates come with many Features like dark mode, Battery Saving with the Help of AI, etc.

Therefore, Don’t Miss Any Android Update.


Maximum Saving of Battery is Minimize Your power Usage. As a Result, the Android phone has a Lots of Components That Use Lots Powers.

Now I hearing From You:

Which Technique did you use More To Save Your Battery?

Please Comment Below.

Moreover, Tell me if I Something Forget About To Mentation?

I hope. You Like this Article and comment it.

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