How To Make Bootable USB Using PowerISO

On How To | By Divy Patel | August 21, 2019
How To make Bootable USB

What is Bootable USB?

Bootable USB is the USB that used to Install Operating System Like CD/DVD. Everyday use of a bootable USB flash drive is to use it to boot into Windows.

Booting from removable media such as a USB drive allows you to perform diagnostics on a computer that is having trouble booting from the hard drive.

You can also use the flash drive to install Windows, instead of using the Windows installation CD.

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So, Today I am Going to Share you how to Make A Bootable USB? That can help you to install OS or doing some other stuff.

What Will You Need To make Bootable USB?

  • One USB Drive.
  • Software Called PowerISO.
  • OS (which is burned into your USB).
  • Computer or Laptop.

How To Make Bootable USB?

To make Bootable USB. First You need some Resource that is Given Above. Once You Have All Those Resource, You make the Bootable Pendrive.

Step 1 – First, You Need Format Your Pendrive.

To Format Your Pendrive You Just Need To Attach Your Pendrive to computer and Right-click on that and choose option called format.

Wait for couple of seconds and Your Pendrive Formated.

Step 2 – Download The OS file You Want to used to make bootable USB.

Look there are so many OS to download.

Step 3 – After That Download, the Software called PowerISO. That will help you to make bootable Pendrive.

You Download the Software by PowerISO.

Step 4 – Now, Install the Software. Moreover, skip the Register option.

Step 5 – After that, open the PowerISO tools. Moreover, skip the Register by choosing The Continue Unregistered.

Step 6 – in the menu, go to tools > Create Bootable USB drive.

Step 7 – In Image File Enter The File You Want To Make Boot OS.

Step 8 – In Destination USB Drive Select Your USB Drive You Want to Make Bootable USB.

Step 9 – Make All other section As Default and Click on the Start Button.

Step 10 – Wait for Process is done.

Step 11 – Hurry Your USB drive is now Bootable.

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How To Turn Bootable USB into Normal USB?

Here is the Method to how to turn Your Bootable USB Drive into the Normal USB Drive.

You make A bootable USB Drive. However, After Some time You Want To No need of The Bootable Pendrive. You want Trun The Bootable Pendrive into Normal Pendrive.

What you do now?

Step 1 – Attach Your Pendrive to the computer. Moreover, Go To Pendrive Option And Click on the Format Option.

Step 2 – Format Your Pendrive. (it takes 10-15 Seconds)

Step 3 – Format Your Pendrive 3 to 4 Times.

Step 4 – Hurry, Now Your Pendrive is Convert into Normal USB.


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